Network Working Group                                   Abhay K. Bhushan
RFC # 523                                                       MIT-DMCG
NIC # 17048                                                 June 5, 1973

                      SURVEY is in Operation Again

The purpose of this message is to inform the network community that the
survey program at MIT-DMCG computer system is in operation now.  We are
surveying hosts every 20 minutes instead of the earlier 15 minutes.  It
appears that some sites had problems with incomplete ICP's when survey
first came up.  The problem has definitely been fixed now.  Please let
me know (tel 617-253-1428 or 253-1449) if any site is being
inconvenienced by the survey program.  Upon written request I will be
willing to not survey a particular server site.  Upon oral or written
request, I will add sites who wish to be surveyed but are not surveyed.

The sites currently being surveyed are (host number in decimal):
134,138,198.  We issue an RFC to socket1 and now go though the complete
ICP, ie establish telnet connections and then close them.  The time for
response is now the time to establish the telnet connections, so if your
response time shows a larger number don't be alarmed (I think the new
numbers are more meaningful and reflect the situation more accurately.)

We are also providing a NETSTATUS service on socket 15. (decimal).  So
if you ICP to host 70 socket 15., you will get the following output:


Where first item is month, day, year, hour, minute and then is a list of
host numbers, code, response time in tenths of second.  The list ends
with a minus 1, and we close the connections right after sending data
(The service is designed so that both human users and programs can use
the data ).  You can of course log into dmcg and use our NETWRK
subsystem which has commands for displaying the survey data in many
formats (Ref. RFC 308, NIC 9259).  We are also recording this data on
the DATACOMPUTER (CCA).  Your comments and suggestions will be

                        Thank You

                                                           Abhay Bhushan
                                                AKB@DMCG (NIC ident AKB)

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RFC 523               SURVEY is in Operation Again             June 1973

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