Network Working Group                     John M. McQuillan
RFC # 395                                 Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.
NIC # 11587                               3 October 1972
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This note provides a description of the switches on the front panel of
IMPs and TIPs that are important to the correct operation of the
network software.  We have had some difficulty in the past when
certain of these switches were set incorrectly, This RFC will be
updated as necessary, to notify site personnel of changes to the

A.  516 IMPs
The IMP at your site is a model 516 if it has a gray cabinet and two
rows of indicator lights on the front panel.  The correct switch
settings are:

     1.   Sense switches 1,2,3 and 4:  OFF (DOWN)
     2.   PFI/PFH:  PFI (UP)
     3.   HALT INH:  OFF (DOWN)
     4.   W.D.T.:  OFF (DOWN)
     5.   AUTO RSTRT:  ON (UP)

B.  316 IMPs and TIPs
The IMP at your site is a model 316 if it is a TIP or if it is in a
black cabinet and has one row of indicator lights on the front panel.

     1.  Sense switches 1,2,3,4 OFF  (top half depressed)

Site personnel are requested to keep a copy of this RFC near the IMP
and to check the switch settings at their IMP.  In addition, the
Honeywell field engineers who perform preventive maintenance have been
requested to use this note as a checklist.

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