Tim Berners-Lee talking about the birth of the Web

Internetin historiaa

Internets historia

History of the Internet

The original standalone Heureka version in all three languages

Description of the versions archived here

This history has been compiled by Harri K. Salminen originally for the Heureka science center. The original standalone version was designed for a 1024x768 screen with a specific Netscape version in a kiosk mode and enhanced with embedded 2Mbit/s MPEG-1 clips that required a special plugin. This version is also available as an alternative. The web version of the history has still images instead of embedded videoclips with links to the MPEG-1 video clips for easier playback. There's only nine video clips and you can learn the main historical points without them too. Most of the clips are from the Internet, Web What's Next conference held at CERN which is also available in separately in full length form.

The history does have special emphasis on the Finnish University and Research network which is maintained by the writer's employer Center for Scientific Computing. No warranty whatsoever, please check at original sources if necessary.

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