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Welcome to the cypherpunks archive at Here you can find links to PGP, remailers, rants, various crypto-tools, newspaper clippings, and a good deal of other things.

Keep in mind that because soda isn't running httpd files are being accessed by anonymous ftp. Soda has a 10 user limit on anonymous ftp so sometimes this archive may be unavailable.

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Here are a few matters of upload ettiquette for the ftp site.

  1. Upload stuff for cypherpunks to /pub/cypherpunks/incoming and not to the general /pub/incoming directory. I am more able to adequately handle files there. (I can't erase in the other directory.)
  2. Whenever you upload something, also upload a short description of what it is you are uploading. I've had mystery files there in the past that have been neglected for long periods, since I don't know what they are and I've got plenty of other stuff to do with the archive.
  3. Send mail telling me what you've put up. If you don't tell me, I may not notice.
  4. Don't bother uploading programs that don't have source code. The mission of the archive site is education. Software distribution is not a purpose, and software without source does not satisfy the educational criterion.

The Archive

Pretty Good Privacy Public Key Encryption + Digital Signatures
The Cypherpunks Anonymous RemailerNet
Various Rants on Cypherpunks and Crypto-Anarchy
Papers about cryptography of interest to cypherpunks
Newspaper clippings, press releases, and statements about the Clipper chip
Pointers to sites all over the internet of interest to cypherpunks and related to cypherpunk ideas and projects, including other cypherpunk information servers.
FTP away
Access all of the archive, including the stuff not yet put on the WWW
The Mailing List
How to join the cypherpunks mailing list. A caveat: when it says high-volume, we mean high-volume. You probably don't want to belong to this list if you pay per-message.

Also available is information about regional lists

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