CCD archive

    This is the CCD-archive of, one of the largest collection of files in the world. The purpose of this archive is to offer reference pictures for people interested in astronomy and observing, as well as to offer a place for astrophotographers to store and publish their pictures.

    Images are (for now) in no specific order, just sorted by filename which is in most cases selfexplatonary. In the future a short reference to who took a picture and additional information will hopefully be added.

    I'd be glad to add your images into database in case you want to contribute them. Just upload images to or deliver them to me by any sufficient method. Preferred imageformats are jpg and gif. In case somebody is still using snailmail my address is Riku Henriksson, Pohjolankatu 28 c 37, 33500 Tampere, Finland.


    info on pictures

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