Title Description Size Date Type Platforms
SNNS 4.1 Stuttgard Neural Network Simulator (README). 9609 mirror UNIX (XWindows)
Genesis a Generic Neural Network Simulation System. A huge and versatile simulation environment for (especially) biologically accurate network models. mirror UNIX (XWindows)
RCS Rochester Connectionist Simulator - a nice simulation environment platform. mirror (orig) UNIX (XWindows)
pygmalion.tar.Z A neural programming platform with network support mirror UNIX

Smaller simulators, mostly UNIX

condela.tar CONnection DEfinition LAnguage. Presumably a ANN programming language (compiler, I think). mirror UNIX
hst.tar.Z Hopfield Style Network simulator mirror UNIX
starsim-f19 StarLisp simulator, a biologically highly accurate simulation system that uses the ion-channel model mirror UNIX Fonol, a programming language simulating phonological rules as described in Chomsky and Halle 'Sound Pattern of English'. mirror UNIX
C++-backprop This was a work we did at a local neural network course. The sample network was for predicting a consumer index. Should compile with Unix g++ and possibly Borland C++. 94 contrib UNIX
PDP Parallel Distributed Processing simulator mirror UNIX, MSDOS
ldbdemoc.exe Linguistic Database mirror MSDOS
tarrtar.exe Presumably neural network simulation mirror MSDOS
neucls, neumap Multilayer perceptron networks for classification and mapping contrib MSDOS
amatur.arc Package of three unrelated programs: Infer, a simple program for solving the hypothetical syllogism. The Eight Puzzle, creates an eight puzzle, allows the human user to solve it, and then solves it itself. The Amateur Reasoner, an expert system shell. mirror MSDOS
mactivation.3.3 For Apple Macintosh! mirror Mac

Windows (Simtel Windows mirror) Neural net & DLL developement kit ~2MB 961125 Simtel Win3.1 Backprop network with Pascal source 170kB 930607 Simtel Win3.1 Build models using historical data, DoX, graph 1.3MB 961226 Simtel MS Windows Create, edit, train, test neural networks 630kB 960624 Simtel MS Windows Qnet V2.1 1M 960405 Simtel Win95/NT Artificial Neural Network simulator 250kB 961029 Simtel Win3.1/95/NT

MSDOS (Simtel mirror) Efficient multi-option ANN training program 40k 961108 Simtel MSDOS An example of content-addressable memory 3.5k 910102 Simtel MSDOS Bidirectional Associative Memory Simulation 29k 900512 Simtel MSDOS Tree-structured Bayesian belief network 3.5k 910310 Simtel MSDOS Backprop neural net w/adaptive learning rate 70k 920427 Simtel MSDOS Back-Propagation Simulation pkg 190k 900613 Simtel MSDOS, UNIX, Mac (DOS only) update to BPS100.ZIP, Back-Prop 48k 910724 Simtel MSDOS Back propagation neural net simulator 77k 960621 Simtel MSDOS Representing data in neural nets, AI-Exp. 6/90 80k 910814 Simtel MSDOS Perceptron simulator 53k 890830 Simtel MSDOS Graphic demonstrations of genetic algorithms 160k 920628 Simtel MSDOS A simple genetic algorithm demo program w/src 33k 910407 Simtel MSDOS Traveling salesman problem, PASCAL 20k 910306 Simtel MSDOS A back prop neural net system W/ C src 160k 910306 Simtel MSDOS Nervous System Construction Kit w/ C++ src 270k 910408 Simtel MSDOS From 'A Practical Guide to Neural Networks' 100k 910424 Simtel MSDOS, 32-bit Neural Net classification package, 1of2 2M 960621 Simtel MSDOS, 32-bit Neural Net mapping package 2M 960621 Simtel MSDOS Trains NN + Fuzzy-engines, generating C source 145k 960515 Simtel MSDOS ANN simulator with 256 neurons 29k 890528 Simtel MSDOS A very visual representation of a neural net 50k 910312 Simtel MSDOS C source library/tutorial for neural networks 250k 930801 Simtel MSDOS Perceptron ANN 901105 Simtel MSDOS Kohonen topology preserving maps in Pascal 4k 870921 Simtel MSDOS


BPE BPE-Simulator-1.0.lha 16k 920112 mirror Amiga
SynWorks SynWorks-2.1-demo.lha (readme) 270k 940213 mirror Amiga
TRIX-1.0 TRIX-1.0.lha 12k 920805 mirror Amiga
neural network neural_network.lha 27k 920714 mirror Amiga

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